We all have busy lives and having children only increases the number of things we need to do, think about, and worry about.  Having ways to give your child both fun and memorable experiences with as little effort on your part as possible is a big win.  Our goal is to help you achieve the ultimate Tooth Fairy experience with your little one, sans stress.

The Tooth Fairy Box (TFB) creates:

  • Fun – Children love being celebrated and the loss of a tooth is even more reason to celebrate.  Included in the Tooth Fairy Box is a door for them to paint and add glitter to if they/you choose.  It is their special door which opens up to the magical Tooth Fairy world. And what child wouldn’t love waking up to some of that magic?  Within the TFB, is a box “For Mom’s Eyes Only.” This box contains everything you need to bring that magic to life and enchant your little one.
  • Tradition – Is there anything better than creating something so special for your child to look forward to time and time again?  Or even better, something so special they may one day carry on to their own children? This box offers a new tradition which promotes engagement, enchantment, and imagination.  From the moment they receive their box to the story they create when they see the magic happening before their very eyes, they will fall in love with the experience of bridging their world with the charming world of the Tooth Fairy.
  • Time – There is little time in our busy lives to research, shop, plan, and create elaborate memories for your child.  Your little one only has so many baby teeth and will only believe in the magic of the Tooth Fairy for a few years.  With every tooth being on its own timeline, this box can be purchased prior to the first tooth being lost. Having the Tooth Fairy Box stored away in the event of a tooth making an unexpected appearance ensures that you will be ready to bring the magic at any moment.  We know your time is valuable and is far better spent making magical memories with your little one.
  • Ease – This box eliminates the headache of doing research on ways to make the Tooth Fairy experience magical.  We remove the taxing trip to the craft stores and nuisance of planning and preparing for a visit from the Tooth Fairy.   This box has all you need for memories that will last a lifetime. Instructions and paint for the door are provided on a door hanger which doubles as a tooth record.  Within the “For Mom’s Eyes Only” box, there is a postcard with further information and directions for you to complete the experience. Our goal is to do as much work as we can for you, so you too can enjoy the magic without difficulty.
  • Engagement – As children grow, we begin to realize how little time we have making these precious memories.  We realize that while the days may be long, the years will be short and spending quality time engaging and interacting with your child is priceless.  Whether you, your child or both of you combined paint the door, an automatic engagement will happen. The Tooth Fairy Box facilitates conversation about the magic of the Tooth Fairy.  From discussions about the door to the wondrous world of the Tooth Fairy, we make it fun to navigate this precious time together. There is nothing better than connecting and engaging with your little one over memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

The Tooth Fairy box, the reusable chalkboard that allows you to document your child’s changing smile through your photographs, AND the tooth keepsake so you can tuck away all of the Tooth Fairy’s findings provide the perfect way to commemorate this special time in your child’s life.  Creating a magical experience for your little one is something you will never regret. Your child only has so many baby teeth, so let’s make them count!