I have seen a fair share of wiggly teeth and have had the pleasure of sending my fair share of students to the school nurse with their fallen teeth because I just couldn’t.  It was top 2 least favorite aspects of my teaching career. Seriously, there are kids that will just wiggle and yank on their tooth until they can pull it out. I mean the poor tooth is just trying to hang on by a thread, literally, and the kids won’t give it a rest or let it be.  The bloody tooth and bloody smile are a real treat. I just realized I have had my disgusted face on while writing this the entire time.  


With my son, I didn’t have a school nurse option.  My husband is pretty good about things like this, but these things tend to happen when he is at the fire station.  Go figure. But the loss of my son’s first tooth was pretty ordinary, albeit fast. We were in San Diego visiting my parents and he informed us early afternoon, by screeching in his most excited voice, that his tooth was loose.  We talked about it and what it means. He was already aware of the Tooth Fairy and was looking forward to the visit. Shocking not shocking he kept playing with his loose tooth and by nightfall he presented his bloody little prize.  Not only was I less than excited to see the tooth, but also totally caught off guard. So I ran upstairs, scoured my mom’s jewelry box, recklessly dumped a pair of her earrings out of their little velvet sack and took it back to my son.  He put his tooth in it and then we did the standard under the pillow thing. 


I do tend to go overboard on celebrations and make things  really big for my kids. I’ve always thought it was because I was no longer teaching and didn’t have anywhere else to place my creative energy.  I also am of the mindset that bigger is better with a few exceptions, one being my appetite. So the night my son lost his first tooth, I took the little tooth out of the bag velvet sack and put it in the change pouch of my wallet.  I know… some way to treat his tooth. But given that all I had was change, credit cards, and mile long receipts from my earlier visit to CVS, I had no choice but to “borrow” money from my parents. I selected the only dollar amount I could find and I may or may not have added glitter glue to the bill, (note: this is against the law,  but glitter really does make everything better, except the floor). After frantically waving the money around to dry the glue because getting out the blow dryer was too much effort, I tucked the money in the sack. I tucked it under his pillow and planned a special breakfast.(when I read this one I kept waiting for you to come back to your son’s story. Not sure if something should be added to this paragraph. Something like, While my son felt this was a successful tooth fairy experience, I knew it could be better. 


Now the loss of my daughter’s first tooth was quite a different story, though not all that uncommon either.  She was not quite 2 when she, wrapped in her towel after swimming and walking to the house, tripped and went down face first.  I was in the house and I could hear her scream as my husband hurriedly brought her in. I went into crazed mom mode and snatched her from my husband to examine her mouth.  Luckily my tolerance for the bloody mouth had grown because hersher’s was a bloody mess. I was having a difficult time finding the source. I called my son’s dentist and made an emergency appointment.  Her left front tooth had a slight chip that the dentist smoothed out and then proceeded to pull the tooth back down into place. I’m not sure who was more traumatized by that experience, but it was horrible.  Not a week later we were at my parents’ where she was standing on the bench seat in the jacuzzi when she lost her footing and hit her front teeth on the ledge. I mean seriously?!?! Luckily I was in a wedding with a dentist from San Diego the previous summer.  So I wrote her and immediately took my daughter with her again bloodied mouth in. This dentist felt around and again had to pull the tooth back into the gum. Anyway a couple of years later she had to have her front teeth pulled (two separate occasions).   


Well she hit the jackpot the night she lost her first tooth because my Tooth Fairy game had gotten serious.  By now we had the little door for the Tooth Fairy that served as a portal. I’d learned glitter on the pillow and the sheets was not ideal, so I now carefully leave a trail of fairy dust to the door and later the ladder, when the door went missing during Tooth Fairy Box research.  I left behind trinkets such as wands, buckets, fairy ribbon from her hair and my kids ate it up (thus, the start of the Tooth Fairy Box). I finally felt like I could take a deep breath because all current teeth were accounted for and holding strong… until the next morning when my son walked into the kitchen with his hand in his mouth.  I told him to take his hand out of his mouth because it’s gross and unsanitary. He responded, “I was just wiggling my tooth. I’ll bet I can get it out today!” The wiggly tooth chill came back to me as he wiggled his way through breakfast and attempted to brush that tooth extra hard before school. I sent him off to school with the hopes the school nurse would get the pleasure this time and she did!