We were in the Baby Dinkles (our minivan) driving to a friend’s house for a mama and kiddo sleepover.  She too is a “fire wife” and we find it easier to “sister wife” it. Also, it is so much more fun; so with the papa’s away, we will play… and have sleepovers!  Back to the car, so we are driving and my son is playing with his loose tooth. Just as we drive down the driveway, the tooth breaks free from his gums. He was beaming with excitement and couldn’t wait to show his friends his tooth surprise.  I stumbled through my thoughts and fumbled over my words. I could see a big Tooth Fairy fail happening that night. There was sure to be wine flowing and my tummy growing with a yummy meal that evening, which only leads to one thing… sleep! I had very little confidence  I would be on my Tooth Fairy game come bedtime, so I found an excuse my son could almost sink his teeth into (pun intended). I told my son to save his tooth for when papa was home because he was sure to want to see it. But that wasn’t all… nope, I just had to go one step further and ask him how we could make it special since he would be patiently waiting a few days. That’s when he gave me the response I was not expecting.

He told me he would wait on the visit from the Tooth Fairy IF he could have a tooth party.  I was a bit confused and terrified upon hearing this. What the hell is a tooth party?!? Teeth balloons and white streamers were just a few things popping into my head.  My anxiety was mounting, as I tried my best to calmly ask, “what do you mean by ‘tooth party?’” He explained what he was thinking and luckily told me he only wanted a family pizza party.  I thought, sure! No problem! Done and done! As we were finally getting out of the car and gathering our things, he added, “oh and a cake of course!” Yes… “a cake of course”… my thoughts exactly.  I was so close!

I started wracking my brain for ideas for a tooth cake.  I knew it would be a school night. I knew we would be exhausted.  I knew I would be lazy. And I knew I wasn’t going to be thrilled to throw a tooth party.  Finally, I came up with what I thought would be an easy and cute enough cake that would win his approval.  It would be a simple sheet cake I would cut into the shape of a tooth, frost, add an outline, and write a cute congratulations on.  I felt good about my plan and made a mental note of things I would need to pick up from the grocery store on our way home.

After a fun few nights, we packed up our things and headed home.  We stopped by a grocery store and I had a brilliant idea… whipped cream!  I told you that I knew I would be exhausted and lazy. We got home and while the kids smothered my husband with love and attention, (no jealousy there), I ordered the pizza.  Then it was time to get cracking on the cake. I realized I don’t have a sheet pan, so I just used a standard rectangular pan. I knew the edges, once cut, would be a pain in the ass to frost so I decided I would leave it in the pan.   My new plan was to frost with whipped cream and use gel to draw a tooth. The pizza came. We ate. It was great. The kids had some bonus play time while I frosted the barely cooled cake. I triumphantly grabbed the whipped cream from the fridge and shook it.  As I sprayed the cake while giving myself a pat on the back, I quickly realized two things: 1. the whipped cream doesn’t come out smooth like a tooth. 2. The cake was going to look like shit. I carried on and made one of the most tragic looking cakes I have ever seen.  

We didn’t light candles but did sing “happy lost tooth day” (real creative I know) as I presented the cake to my son.  He seemingly got a kick out of it and was enjoying it. After the song was over, the kids gave a quizzical look at the cake and tried to decipher what the hell it was.  I scooped a little whipped cream onto my finger and dabbed it on his nose. He laughed hysterically and I repeated the dab on the nose of my daughter. They laughed and it was one of the best parenting moments until my son leaned his face in close to the cake to take a lick.  Being me, without thought, I grabbed the back of his head and forced his face into his cake. He loved it and we all laughed. I think that parenting moment topped the one prior. We repeated this one more time. It is my top five favorite videos.

A few months later, my daughter lost a tooth.  She demanded a tooth cake of her own and to have her face smashed in it as well.  Thus began a new and unexpected tradition of the Tooth Cake.