So my daughter has had quite the experiences with teeth.  Poor girl has lost 4 teeth, rather had 4 teeth plucked from her little pink gums (not all at once thank goodness).  Little girlfriend knew how much it pained me to watch her go through this and how much I wish I could have changed it.  She played me each and every time. She weaseled ice cream, “shave-ed” ice, and new stuffies out of me, although I suppose in the end she deserved it.  She was incredibly courageous. But it was the last time she really got me and she didn’t even realize it.

It all started with the first tooth being extracted.  She was barely 4 and had damaged her tooth years before.  PSA – don’t let your kids walk wrapped up in a towel. Poor baby tripped on her towel and hit her front teeth.  Over two years later one of the teeth began to turn grey and I panicked. I was not willing to risk infection or damage to her permanent tooth, so as advised by the dentist, it was extracted… by the dentist, not me I can assure you.  It was such a horrific experience, I thought she deserved a substantial amount of money from the tooth fairy. That night I put the money in the pouch and under her pillow. The next morning she woke up and looked under her pillow straight away.  Into our room, she ran and was so thrilled she excitedly presented her crisp $20. I asked her how much money the Tooth Fairy left her and she said, “I don’t know. Can you tell me?” Lesson learned, she is still young enough to take advantage of, so note to self:  test her knowledge before leaving her large bills next time.

Fast forward 5 months and little girlfriend, now barely 5 has a wiggly lower tooth.  We waited and waited and the adult tooth started making its way in behind the baby tooth.  That wiggly tooth, still wiggly wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t hear, “baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo” playing in my head each time I saw it (and you’re welcome).  Back to the dentist, we went and while in the chair, my daughter alerted us to the fact that the tooth next to it was wiggly also. Oh my, was she beaming with pride. It was time to pull the forward lunging wiggly tooth.  The dentist started to pull and I turned my face to cringe. It was over pretty quickly seemingly with a lot less trauma. Apparently though, as the dentist pulled, the wiggly tooth next to it popped out. A two-for-one! My daughter was initially ecstatic until she gave it some thought and informed me she was actually wanting the other tooth to come out on its own like her brother’s.  

There wasn’t much I could do about the fact that she lost both with one pull.  I felt bad she again didn’t have the opportunity to have her tooth/teeth fall out naturally.  But when it was time for the Tooth Fairy’s visit, I wasn’t about to drop a twenty this time. I mean, the forward marching tooth was practically out to begin with and the tooth next to it just hopped on the bandwagon.  I made a call and the next morning she woke up to a whole lot less money. She was just as excited because I gave her two five dollar bills, one for each tooth. She was just as happy with the two fives because she still wasn’t getting the whole money thing.  That is until her brother chimed in with, “Oh, I would have thought the Tooth Fairy would leave you a lot more than that. That is only $10.” Thanks, buddy.

Now we are another 5 months into the story when her other front tooth decided to turn on us and discolor.  Again, afraid for her permanent tooth, we drove to the dentist’s office. She had x-rays done and, sure enough, it was time for another tooth to bite the dust.  It was a far less pleasant experience than the two-for-one, but she hung in there and did such a great job of staying calm. I knew it hurt and my heart broke for her once again.  She is such a brave little girl. #proudmama Anyway, the tooth came loose and it was time to do all of the usual Tooth Fairy preparation. That is when she decided that she needed to write the Tooth Fairy an important note.  

The note from the 5 year old:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

We haven’t seen you in a long time.  I lost one tooth. It looks like a shark tooth, so I am putting it in a bag and I want $100.

Love, A

PS- I hope you have a nice day.


And how did this one end you ask?  With….

…a whopping $1 with two sparkly gold “o” stickers I had in the craft box.  Whew! She was happy and I didn’t break the bank. Actually, as I write this, I’m feeling like I deserve a trip to Nordstrom because I pretty much saved us ninety-nine dollars.  Right!?! Creative mama wins again!