Our Story

The Tooth Fairy Box Story

In 2017, while trying to balance the roles of working full time, being a wife to a firefighter husband that was at the station half the month, and raising two young girls; I had terrible working mom guilt. My facebook feed displayed photos and videos of my stay-at-home mom and teacher friends creating magical memories for their children such as St. Patrick’s Day of Leprechauns, birthday breakfasts I would like to wake up to, and Tooth Fairy experiences I had no idea existed for their children. I searched Amazon, Target, and Etsy looking for an easy button where can I order a box that came with everything I needed to create moments like this for my little ladies.

I couldn’t find a conveniently packaged product, like my 3 dinners I make at home each week with all the ingredients in just the right portions delivered right to my door. I thought to myself, this is ridiculous, working parents should be able to create these magical moments with a click of a button and have it be delivered to our doors. After speaking to my sister who raised her oldest daughter alone until the age of 8, then got married, pregnant, worked full time, and got her MBA she agreed we need to help.  We came up with the concept and realized…we don’t do these things for our children we needed someone who was already doing them and well. That is when Mary, my fellow fire wife, stay at home mom, and former elementary school teacher came into the picture. Her background gave us the imaginative ideas we needed to fill the boxes. She enlightened us with stories of enchanted moments she assembled for her children, that we could have never have imagined. We quickly went to work on designing, testing, and creating the Tooth Fairy Box in our “Factory” or as we refer to it “The She Shed”.  Now all parents, regardless of how busy we are with work, multiple children, lack of creativity, etc. can make magical memories for their little loves!

Why We Do This

Our mission at Tooth Fairy Box is to help loving parents seamlessly create magical Tooth Fairy moments and traditions with their children.

The Tooth Fairy Box believes in creating experiences that spark a child’s imagination by providing a product that contains everything necessary to celebrate the momentous occasion of a baby tooth loss.

Our central promise at the Tooth Fairy Box is to bring joy to a child’s world in mind, body, and spirit.  We promise to inspire moments of magic and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

We do this because we love our children’s excited reactions when we go above and beyond with the Tooth Fairy experience. We want to give every parent the opportunity to create a lifetime of magical memories and traditions for their child.

Mom Superpowers

Creativity 100%
Shoe Finders 65%
Multi-Taskers 95%
Wine Consumers 99%

The Moms Behind The Box

Marissa Buss
Marissa BussCEO
Marissa is our Chief Executive Officer. She is the visionary for the initial idea of bringing magical memories to every busy parent and their children. She maintains the bigger picture of the idea behind Tooth Fairy Box.

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Kara Buss
Kara BussCFO
Kara is our Chief Financial Officer. She leads the Finance, Accounting, and is the Head Buyer of our Products at Tooth Fairy Box.

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Mary Rupp
Mary RuppCCO
Mary Rupp is our Chief Creative Officer. She ignites the creative flow for the contents of the box ideas, marketing design and evolution of the product.

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