10 Valentine’s Day Ideas Tooth Fairy Box Style


We know this year is unlike any we have experienced before and Valentine’s is going to look a bit different for everyone.  The Tooth Fairy Box wants to share 10 ideas to make it fun and special for you and your little loves.  


Celebrating Valentine’s Day during this crazy time may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming.  Adding one more thing to your plate may feel impossible.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way in order to make the day sweet.  There are so many fun, easy, and cheap ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day even during this pandemic.  We have compiled some fun ideas for you.  With some kids doing in school learning, some remote, some homeschooled, and those too little for school, this Valentine’s Day can be made memorable for just about everyone with some simple ideas.


  1. Write a love letter and leave it on the table for your little love to find when they wake up, or cut out a few hearts, write compliments on them and hide them around the house for them to find.  Folding a note into a heart like we did in high school could be fun.

Paper Heart Note

   2. Make a special Valentine’s breakfast for your little love.  It can be something simple like a pink yogurt parfait with granola and fresh fruit (strawberries and raspberries are perfect for valentines day). Or something like pink pancakes with the fresh fruit on top.  Pair it with strawberry milk and voila. Adding whipped cream with red and pink sprinkles can give it extra pizzazz. 

Valentine’s Day Breakfast for Kids

   3.Find fun and cheap decorations at Dollar Tree or Target to make it festive.  Hang or stick foam hearts around the house and make a cute tablescape with a pink or red tablecloth topped with hearts and a mini mailbox.  You can even write cute messages on the tablecloth.  BONUS: Reuse the tablecloth and decorations to make a cute photo backdrop.

Valentine’s Day Tablescape


   4. Make sugar cookies together, frost with pink icing and sprinkles and enjoy!  There are many recipes out there, or just buy the premade sugar cookie dough and store bought icing mixed with red food coloring and top with sprinkles.

Valentine Sugar Cookies


   5. Wrap a small present or do a small Valentine’s Day basket.  It doesn’t need to be anything big or expensive.  Think shirt, dress, socks, book, candy, pink and red playdough, red match box cars, a ball to play with, a new hairbow, or fun plastic jewelry.  If you wrap the gift in Valentine’s wrapping paper, use the rest of it to hang on a door as another photo backdrop.  

Valentine’s Gifts for Kids


   6. Special Valentine’s Day dinner.  Make or order a heart shaped pizza, use a cookie cutter to make a quesadilla extra fun, pink pasta (just add red food coloring to water) with red sauce, or heart shaped ravioli with white sauce. Toast with pink sparkling cider and your dinner becomes extra fancy.

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Kids


   7. Watch a fun Valentine movie together.  Be My Valentine Charlie Brown is our personal favorite.  If you want to add popcorn to your movie experience, just toss with pink butter (melted butter with a few drops of red food coloring) and throw in conversation heart candy.  If you want to make it even sweeter you can drizzle pink candy melts on top.

Conversation Heart Popcorn


   8. Play fun family games at home like these Minute to Win it style games using conversation hearts and items found around the house.  

Valentine’s Day Games


   9. Share the love by surprising a family member, friend, or neighbor with a secret valentine treat or gift.  Or give them a “Heart Attack” and decorate their yard or door with hearts.

Heart Attack


   10. Make a holiday craft together.  Cut a heart out of a white coffee filter, give your little one markers, and let them have at it.  When they are done coloring spray the filter with water and watch what happens. 

Valentine’s Day Crafts


We wish you all the sweetest Valentine’s Day and Wishing you the sweetest Valentine’s Day.


From our hearts to yours,

The Tooth Fairy Box