1. Fall in Love with this Tablescape

Kraft Paper makes an easy, festive, and inexpensive table runner.  Hand-lettering names above place settings is a great way to address the seating while adding a little something extra cute.  To finish off the tablescape, you may want to add pinecones, candles, pumpkins, leaves, and flowers.  Having crayons for your littles gives them something to do, such as writing the many things for which they are thankful, directly onto the Kraft Paper Runner.

Kraft Paper Table Runner by Dawn Nicole    

2. Breakfasts that will Bake Your Day

Thanksgiving day breakfast is often overlooked because the focus is on the feast.  Well get bread-y for your little ones to be thankful for these special breakfast ideas.  Turn a donut hole into the most delicious acorn with a pretzel stick, Nutella, and sprinkles.  If you are looking for something with slightly less sugar, you may want to opt for this tasty turkey made with eggs, bread, bacon. 


Acorn Donut Holes from Delish

3. Stuffing compares To these lunches

Transform a turkey sandwich into a turkey turkey sandwich with apples and a bit of cheese, or swap out the turkey for  peanut butter and jelly instead.  If a sandwich isn’t something your little one will gobble up, try this turkey pizza.  It is so adorable and so simple to create, not to mention delicious.  


Turkey Turkey Sandwich

4. Pie Not Have Dessert?

Thanksgiving dessert is often centered around a delicious pumpkin pie, but it isn’t for everyone.  If your little one isn’t a fan of the traditional pumpkin pie, then you definitely need to try this delightful dupe.  The recipe for this Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treat won’t add much to your already full plate.  The recipe does call for pumpkin pie spice, which is easy enough to omit and will save you some time because you can just make one batch.  After forming the “crust,” add the orange food coloring to the remainder of the Rice Krispies Treats for the “filling.”Pumpkin Pie Dupe from Just a Taste

5. Stuffing yourself with Snacks
If you haven’t seen enough of the many fun foods that look like turkeys, we have one more that is just too cute to pass up. This simple snack is everything! It’s cute, clever, kid-friendly AND healthy. Well, maybe not so healthy if you include the chocolate fondue. This Fruit Turkey Snack will surely be a hit.

Chocolate Turkey Fondue by Clean and Scentsible

6. Eat, Drink, and Cranberry!

We’ve taken care of the eating, so let’s talk about drinks.  Thanksgiving can be stressful and sometimes a little cocktail can do the trick.  This festive bevi will certainly take the edge off.  This Cranberry Thyme Spritz is light and delicious.  Perfect for a day in a hot kitchen.  If you are looking for something that may be prepared ahead of time, try Thanksgiving Sangria. Making the sangria the day before will free up more time to socialize on Thanksgiving.  Last but not least is the Cinnamon Toddy.  This cocktail is the perfect way to end the day.


Thanksgiving Sangria from Half-Baked Harvest

7. The Baste Thanksgiving Books

Reading Thanksgiving books is definitely a favorite for many kids.  A Plump and Perky Turkey is a hilarious book that tells the tale of a tricky turkey through whimsical rhyming and alliteration.  Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade is a brilliant book.  The combination of collage, design, illustration and text make it a marvelous masterpiece.  The charming and uplifting Thanksgiving book, Our Table, is timely for today’s families.  This book celebrates traditions that unite families.


A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman

8. Crafts to Keep Them Occu-PIEd

The following crafts don’t take much effort on your part, but will hopefully keep the kids busy for a bit.  The best part about these crafts is the fact that they are also charming enough to use for decor.  


Painted acorn accent is a clever craft for your littles.  Have your little one collect acorns on a nature walk, bake the acorns, give your kiddo some paint, and let them have at it.  Be sure to have them in clothes that can be dirtied, or stained and cover the surface they will work on.  Acrylic paint works best and watering it down will give the acorns a more rustic look (white-washed look) and it will avoid paint clumps. Allow the acorns to dry and place in a glass vase of some sort.


Acorn Accent from Home Stories A-Z

Thanksgiving candle votive.  This is a fun and easy project, but it does involve glitter.  Grab a glass jar, some sort of clear liquid adhesive, and some glitter.  Kids love glitter!  Help your kiddo pour the adhesive in the glass jar and swish around to coat the inside of the jar.  Drain the excess adhesive onto newspaper, paper towels, rag, or something of the like.  Let your little one add glitter and have them roll it around until the inside of the jar is covered.  After it is dry, add a battery operated tea light and enjoy.  There are a few ways to modify this and have your little turkey turn the votive into a little turkey.  


Glowing Turkey from the Typical Mom

Pinecone door decor is another simple craft that will absorb a bit of time and will be cute enough to display.  Collect pinecones, you can bake them also or just skip this step and just brush off any loose dirt.  Decide if you want each pinecone to be a different color or just one.  Give your little one the paint, a brush, and let them have at it.  Just be sure to tell them they only need to paint the pinecone tips.


Painted Pinecone Door Decor by the New Wittys


9. Thanksgiving Games don’t get butter than this

Fun family games on Thanksgiving will make for the best memories. Traffic Yam is a great game that can be played individually or can be easily modified into a relay race.  This game requires nothing more than a raw yam and a spoon.  Players race to get their yam from one side of the room to the opposite side using only a spoon to push it.


Traffic Yam from Play Party Plan

Craft feathers and clothes pins are all that is needed to play a fun game of Turkey Tag.  This game doubles as a craft for the kids!  They can paint the clothes pins and stick on the tail feathers.  By adding a football, this game can easily become a variation of Flag Football.


Turkey Tag from Teach Beside Me

Turkey Bowling is another game that is also an easy craft for the kids.  Large brown cups decorated to look like turkeys and some sort of ball are the only supplies needed to play.  You can use a small pumpkin, or a yam instead of a ball. Click on the link below for further instructions and how to decorate the cups.  Using craft feathers instead of paper as the tail feathers may be easier and just as, if not more, delightful.  Additionally, painting/coloring or wrapping cups in brown paper are good alternatives if you can’t find brown cups.Turkey Bowling 

10. Gourd-geous Thanksgiving Tree 

Who says it’s too early to pull out the Christmas tree?  Well, this is one of the very best traditions AND it’s a good excuse to put up that tree.  Using a faux birch tree with bare branches would definitely work as well and would be enchanting with lights.  The Thanksgiving tree may be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like.  This tree is such a special tradition because everyone writes the many things they are thankful on ornaments of sort to hang on the tree.  


These small hanging chalkboard tags are the easiest and most environmentally friendly option since they can be used year after year.  Ribbon, fall flowers (fake), other fall ornaments (hanging acorns and squirrels etc.) and lights may complete the tree.  Having the blank chalkboard tags and chalk markers on the table is a great reminder to write and hang at least one thing of which to be thankful.


Thankful Tree