Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!  Do you love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?  Before children, March 17th was such a blast.  The day was filled with friends, parties, and all things green (from clothing to beer).  Now, with kids, it looks somewhat different and even more so this year.  Some places are opening up, some already open, and still there are areas that continue to be under fairly strict regulations.  


The Tooth Fairy Box is here to share some of our favorite ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.  Some of the ideas are simple, some are inexpensive, and some are both.  Just remember that while you are creating fun memories for your lucky little ones, have a little fun for yourself this St. Patrick’s Day too because let’s face it, we all can use some fun these days.  


Make breakfast extra fun and sneak in some daily greens while you’re at it with “Pot o’ Gold Pancakes” and a healthier “Shamrock Smoothie” on the side.  Creating the “Pot o’ Gold Pancakes” is simple.  You will first need to make two stacks of silver dollar pancakes (4-5 pancakes in each stack is plenty).  Then, add clouds (whipped cream) to the top of each stack.  Finally, create an arch using rainbow candy strips to connect the two stacks of gold.  As for how to make a healthier “Shamrock Smoothie,” click on the link below.

 Pot o’ Gold Pancakes & Shamrock Smoothie



Leprechaun Name Pregame!  Discover each family member’s leprechaun name and use them the rest of the day.  Make name tags with your new names to wear.  You can even take it one step further by adding a fun consequence when someone forgets to use another’s leprechaun name such as: dance an Irish jig, get a little pinch, find a “Blarney Stone” and kiss it, take a bite of a raw potato, walk like a leprechaun, etc.).

Leprechaun Name


Decorating a holiday table does not need to be difficult or expensive.  For a St. Patrick’s Day tablescape, think FUN and COLOR.  To keep it simple and cheap, use a green tablecloth and decorate with festive plastic St. Pat’s glasses, beads, foam shamrocks, and a few gold coins (often found at a dollar store).  If you want a rainbow themed table, click on the link below.

St. Patrick’s Day Table Decor


A Rainbow Fruit Parfait makes a perfect snack on St. Pat’s Day.  It is fun to make this in a clear cup or glass, so the rainbow is obvious.  Get your little one/s to help you with this one and they will be even more excited to eat it.


Rainbow Parfait


Make a leprechaun trap.  It is a fun way to get your kids involved and get them excited about St. Patrick’s Day.  Leprechaun traps can be as simple as laying out a few strips of Duct Tape (sticky side up) to form an “X”  and placing something like gold coins in the center.  The idea is that the sneaky little leprechaun will be too tempted to snatch the gold, but will get stuck to the tape.  Click on the link below to find out how to create a more elaborate trap.  Reading a fun book like How to Trap a Leprechaun is a perfect extension 

Leprechaun Trap


Kissing the “Blarney Stone” was previously mentioned, but where and how do you get it?  Well here is a cute tutorial on how to make your own Blarney Stone.  Such an easy and fun craft for the kids.  Bonus: they have to go search for the perfect stone to decorate.


Blarney Stone


With so many kids back in school, packing an extra special St. Patrick’s Day lunch is a great surprise.  You can buy a shamrock shaped cookie cutter to cut out anything from sandwiches to quesadillas.  If you don’t want to purchase one more thing, you can use a heart shaped cookie cutter instead.  Simply cut out three heart shapes and place the points together.  Next you can make a stem out of the remaining food of choice.  Other cute lunch ideas are to use green wraps instead of bread, pack green tortilla chips with guacamole, make a rainbow of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, orange slices, cantaloupe, pineapple, mango, green grapes, kiwi, blueberries, and blackberries), slice a green bell pepper and it will mimic a shamrock, add a little green food dye to ranch, or pack some yummy pesto pasta. Don’t forget skittles, or a chocolate in a gold wrapper (Rolos, chocolate coins, Hershey’s Nuggets), as a fun sweet treat.


St. Patrick’s Day Lunch


Play fun family games at home like these Minute to Win it style games using items found around your house or from a dollar store.  

St. Patrick’s Day Games


If you want to keep the kids occupied for a bit, have them complete a scavenger hunt left by the leprechaun.  Adding a pot of gold found in the last spot is a fun surprise.  You can order a plastic cauldron if you don’t already have one from Halloween.  Fill it with fun goodies (box of skittles, gold wrapped candy, St. Patrick’s day socks or hair bow, Rainbow Goldfish, box of crayons, etc.).


Scavenger Hunt



A little leprechaun mischief is fun for everyone.  You can be as messy and as creative  

as you want.  Switch regular light bulbs out for green light bulbs and wait for someone to turn on the light.  Make your faucet water green by unscrewing the screen at the end of your faucet, drying the screen, place tiny bath tablets (green, or yellow & blue) on the screen, and screw the screen back onto the faucet.  Then wait for a little one to turn on the faucet.  Remember that it will only last for a short time until the tablets dissolve completely.  If your kids are heavy sleepers, put St. Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos on them.  Use window markers to leave funny drawings or notes on windows and mirrors.  Add a few drops of green food coloring to the milk and act surprised.  If you want super simple, just tip over a few chairs and unroll a bit of toilet paper.  Which brings me to an all time favorite; the toilet trick.  Add a few drops of green food coloring to the toilet water and make tiny leprechaun footprints on the toilet seat using nothing more than green washable paint and your hand.  Directions in link below 

Leprechaun Mischief

We hope you have the most magical St.Patrick’s Day and that you are able to squeeze in a wee bit of fun for yourself.  


Wishing you a pot o’ gold and all the joy your heart can hold,

The Tooth Fairy Box