We are back and this time with ten haunting Halloween ideas.  Whether you and yours love a horrifyingly scary Halloween, or a less chilling Halloween, we are sharing everything from frightening food to thrilling things to do with your family and friends this year.  We want to help make this Halloween the best one yet.

  1. Terrifying Tablescapes

Create a fun and easy tablescape that will not break the bank. Using a black table cloth as the base, stretch gauze or cobwebs across the table.  Target has a fun spiderweb that glows. You can use tall candles, skeletons, and a black tree as the centerpiece the way Pizzazzerie did or for those that would like it to be a little less spooky, make a pumpkin centerpiece with spiders crawling over, in, and around them.  It will look like you put a lot of thought and effort into your tablescape.  Using mini pumpkins as name plates is another great idea because who doesn’t love a mini pumpkin?!?  Just be sure to allow the ink to dry first because even Sharpie smears easily on the pumpkin surface.

2. Screaming Snacks

Silly apple bites are a win win.  They are fun to eat and pretty healthy too.  Keep it simple with witch pretzel and cheese broomsticks.  If you are looking for something for the entire family, try adding a little fun and flare to your charcuterie board with a skeleton like this.

3. Daring Dinners

Halloween dinner is often an afterthought.  Thus, Mummy Dogs with chili is an easy no brainer that is both delicious and fun.  Halloween Pizzas are also an easy idea and some kids may even enjoy making their own spooky creation.  For a more upscale dinner that may be just too scary for some little ones, Witches Hair Pasta is amazing and you can definitely make it your own. 

4. Bevi’s and Boos

This terrifying vampire drink is amazing, (using grenadine instead of Kool Aid works too).  Melting Monster Halloween Punch is a bit less scary for kids that aren’t into that type of thing.  There are so many fun ideas out there, but we’ll share a few adult favorite boos.  The Witches Heart Cocktail is a show stopper and is surprisingly easy.  This Black Magic Martini is another great one that can be tweaked for taste and don’t forget to garnish with a lychee eyeball

5. Bone-Chilling Breakfasts

We’ve addressed daring dinners, spooktacular snacks, and dreadful drinks, but what about a bone-chilling breakfast?  Don’t fret because we have you covered with some fun and easy ideas that the whole family will love.  Start the day off with bloody intestine cinnamon rolls, or bloodcurdling breakfast sausage fingers and pancakes.  Too much for first thing in the morning?  Looking for something a little less gruesome?  Try making a cute monster breakfast sandwich or spider web pancakes that are easy and delicious.

6. Paranormal Pumpkins

If you love having unique and decorative pumpkins displayed on your porch, but hate the carving portion of this project, we have you covered.  Skip the carving and scooping and opt for paint and/or glue instead.  You can be as creative as you’d like.  From pumpkins that look like candy corns to mummy pumpkins, the pumpkin is your oyster, so to speak.  For a creepier option, check out this spider pumpkin.

7. Tricky Treats

Candy vs. non-candy treats create quite the quandary.  An exorbitant amount of candy is definitely not ideal, although programs like the “Candy Buy Back” and “Treats for Troops,” getting rid of the candy has become far easier and feels less wasteful.  


Nevertheless, a non-candy treat is a great alternative. The issue with many non-candy treats, is many of them are the little plastic trinkets and junk that seem to end up all over the house until they eventually make their way into the trash. 


Fun pencils, little notepads, crayons, craft supplies, temporary tattoos, and glowsticks that can be used while Trick-or-Treating are a few favorites that are useful and won’t break the bank.  A few additional ideas that may be fun and unique are the Take apart erasers and mini Pop Its that attach to backpacks, (though both plastic and likely to eventually end up in the trash, are a fantastic fidget toy).  


*Side note:  If you are wondering what to do with all those junky plastic toys, offer them to a teacher at an elementary school to use as prizes, or to a school PTA/PTSA/Booster group to use for school carnival prizes.  

8. Cursed Candy Slide

Last Halloween was anything but ordinary and this year’s is to be determined.  People had some pretty creative ideas for handing out candy from a distance.  Creating a candy slide is an amazing idea that is fun for everyone.  You can also use a PVC pipe which offers a bit more slip.

9. Creepy Crafts

Crafts that can be done by or with kids AND make for great decorations?!?    Floating candles are a simple and spooky way to decorate any room or porch.  Make an eyeball wreath or spider wreath for your front door.   Creepy glowing specimen jars add a little flare with a little scare to any mantle, shelf, or table.

10. Ghoulish Games and Activities

Bones in a Bag – For this game you will need 6-8 brown paper bags and 30 pieces of candy (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Starburst, or Tootsie Pops work well, but any 30 pieces of the SAME candy or item will work). To play: Place 1 piece of candy in the 1st bag, 2 pieces in the 2nd bag, 3 pieces in the 3rd bag, and so on.  Fold the tops over the bag so the “bones” (candy) doesn’t fall out.  Shuffle the bags and set them into a random row.  A player will shake one bag at a time to determine how many “bones” are in each bag. The player will then put the bags in a row from least amount of “bones” to that with the most amount of “bones.”  The player that is closest to placing the bags of “bones” in the correct ascending order WINS!


Spider Suck – For this game each player will need two plates or bowls, a straw, and a hearty handful of “spiders” (small candies like Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s).  To play: Each player may ONLY use the straw to transfer the “spiders” from one plate/bowl to the other.  The player who transfers the most “spiders” to their empty plate/bowl WINS!  Modification: Players may hold their straw to make the game easier.


Room on the Broom – For this game each player will need a craft stick (the Jumbo craft sticks make the game much easier for the littles) and a handful of candies such as the Halloween pumpkin candies.  To play:  Each player places the “broom” (craft stick) in their mouth and balances as many pumpkins as they can in a minute.  The player with the most pumpkins on their “broom” at the end of a minute WINS!


The above activities are from Motherhood Simplified.


Haunted Hunt – For this activity you will want to print a free Halloween Scavenger Hunt or this Riddled Halloween Scavenger Hunt which is also free.


To wrap things up, we want to extend a huge thank you to every witch one of you for taking the time to read our blogs and offer your support.  We couldn’t do this without you!  


When it’s time for Trick-or-Treating and time for candy eating, we wish everyone a safe and spooktacular Halloween.   


Stay boo-tiful.

The Tooth Fairy Box