We are back and this time with ten ideas that are sure to make this Easter memorable.  This is one of the best times of the year and Easter can be such a fun holiday for everyone.  How can it not be with a bunny as its mascot; not to mention the chicks, colored eggs, jellybeans, and all of the Spring colors that are associated with it. So let’s hop to it and get into the ten Easter ideas that will make this holiday egg-stra special.


  1. Create a fun and easy tablescape that will not break the bank.  Find an inexpensive pastel or Easter table runner and a few spring-y placemats to start with.  Target has cute Spring placemats for $2 ea.  You can place pastel buckets with edible grass and Peeps.  Here is a link for a cute centerpiece idea.
  2. There are so many options beyond total junk that will just be thrown away and candy when it comes to filling plastic Easter eggs.  Here are a few unique ideas: puzzle pieces or Legos that complete a puzzle or Lego creation (there are typically quite a few pieces to a puzzle or Lego set, so it will also give them something to do. Keeping them busy is a win win), coins or dollar bills, printable coupons, or think of things they use or would actually want (hotwheels, jewelry, slime, chapstick, key rings, Shopkins size figurines, craft items, rocks or gemstones to add to their collection, temporary tattoos, or stickers)..
  3. Just as with eggs, there are so many great ideas to fill Easter baskets.  Some parents prefer to say the basket is from them, while other baskets are from the “Easter Bunny.”  Either way, the key is to think of things your little one/s actually need.  If it is time for new shirts, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, pj’s, hats, or shoes, this is the perfect opportunity to give them what you’ll likely be buying them anyway.  The good news, there is no need to give them clothes that are specifically for Easter with bunnies on them because it’s far more practical to give them clothes they will wear for more than one day.  Adding even just one Easter item to the basket (chocolate bunny, a chick stuffie, etc.) will make the basket feel Easter-y.  A good book (again doesn’t need to be Easter), headphones, games, or even gift cards are additional alternatives.  The Barnes & Noble gift cards even have Peter Rabbit on them, making them perfect for Easter.
  4. Hide a gold egg and a silver one too if you want to get crazy.  Hiding one per kid will prevent arguing, tears, and a headache for you.  Hide a few dollars in the silver egg and a larger amount in the golden egg.  Designating a color of eggs for each kid also helps in avoiding arguments and unnecessary competition.  Writing their names in chalk in their designated color “from the Easter Bunny,” will give them a clue. Or a little poem such as: Sweet child’s name you’ll know what to do because the color eggs are only for you. Love, Easter Bunny
  5. With Easter typically being a big brunch day, why not make it extra Easter-y and fun?  Making a bunny out of pancakes is always a favorite and all you need is; pancake mix, bananas, whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips.  You can also make a giant pancake Easter egg with only pancake mix, whipped cream, some fruit, and chocolate chips if you so choose. If it’s eggs and bacon you are wanting, just fry and egg, add bacon ears, blueberries or sliced black olives for eyes, and chives for whiskers.  Another cute egg option is to make hardboiled eggs and put them in a hash brown nest.  All of these simple festive ideas and a few more can be found here.  This site also has lunch, snack, and treat ideas too! 
  6. Coloring Easter eggs is a fun tradition and thankfully it has gotten a lot easier.  There are so many great ways to keep it simple and less messy than when we were kids.  Put the egg inside a whisk to keep the egg in place and make egg coloring easier for kids.  Using a whisk makes for a cleaner way to dip the egg in dye and an easier way to retrieve the egg.  For brighter, more vibrant eggs use ½ cup hot tap water per container (cups or deeper bowls are best, as you want to be able to completely submerge the egg), gel food coloring, and one tablespoon of white vinegar (to help the dye bond to the eggshell).  If you don’t have white vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice instead.  Another slightly less messy option is adding a cup of dry rice to a ziploc or reusable bag that seals (the dye is likely to stain a reusable bag) and 10 or so drops of food coloring.  Put the egg in the bag and let the kids toss and shake.  Remove the egg with gloves or tongs to keep fingers clean and allow the egg to dry.  Remember, you can also dye brown eggs (they often turn out darker).
  7. Egg a neighbor or a friend.  Have your kids make a card that says, “You’ve Been Egged” and tells them how many eggs are hidden.  Fill plastic eggs with treats or little goodies and hide them in their front yard.  Slip the card in the door or set on the doormat.  Ring the doorbell and RUN!  With so many people having The Ring, it’s fun to figure out how not to get caught.  It is such a sweet experience for kids to do something thoughtful for others without receiving credit for their kindness.  Just think of how exciting it will be for the person/s getting Egged.
  8. Enjoy some fun family bonding with these Easter games.  Most of the supplies needed can be found at a dollar store.  Another fun game to play is “Sticking With My Peeps.”  For this game you will need a packet of Peeps per player.  Set a timer for one minute and see you can stick the most Peeps to their face.  It is hilarious to watch people try to figure out how to accomplish this.  Tearing the Peeps apart makes them sticky, but biting into them or licking them only makes them slide off their face.  Another favorite game is “Face the Egg.”  In this game you will need one Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg per player.  The goal is to get the peanut butter egg from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles and the tilt of their head.  This game often ends with laughs and chocolate on their face.  If you are really daring and not afraid to get a little dirty, play “Confetti Egg Roulette.”  In this game you will need a box of confetti eggs and one or more uncooked dyed egg/s.  Replace one confetti egg with the fresh egg (don’t let the players see).  Each player must select an egg from the box and the first egg they touch must be the egg they take.  They then break the egg on the head of the player to their left.  Just be sure if you play this, the clothes everyone is wearing can get dirty and if you can play it outside, it’s even better! 
  9. Have a glow in the dark egg hunt.  There are a variety of options for glowing plastic eggs including purchasing fillable eggs made with glow in the dark plastic.  Alternatively, you can fill clear eggs with glowing items, decorate plastic or even hard boiled eggs with glow or neon paint (just don’t eat the hard boiled eggs once painted), or you can put small or coiled up glow sticks in plastic eggs you already have.  Moreover you can purchase mini glow sticks that are less than two inches and made specifically for this purpose. 
  10. Why should kids have all the fun?  Have an adult Easter egg hunt!  The kids will have so much fun hiding the adult Easter eggs.  Just be sure the eggs are taped if they are filled with inappropriate items.  Also knowing and accounting for the number of eggs hidden is helpful if the children are in fact hiding the eggs. 

Adult egg fillers may be but not limited to (have fun with it and be creative):  

Lottery tickets


Mini lip balm or chapstick

Deodorant wipes

Party Smart pills



Packet of Liquid IV

Mini alcohol bottles

Golf tees or balls

Nail polish

Dishwasher pods

Boozy jelly beans

Travel packets of Tums, pain relievers, and sleep aids

Lens cleaning wipes

Stress relief eggs

Tea packets

Mini hot sauce or Tajin bottles

Mini fancy salt tin

Shout wipes

Car air fresheners

Perfume and cologne samples (any sample really)



We wish all of our Peeps a very happy Easter.  May it be filled with all things fun!  And one last thought; Easter egg hunts are proof that our kids can find things when they really want.  


That’s all yolks,

The Tooth Fairy Box