April Fools Day can be one of the most entertaining and fun days of the year.  The best part is that you can pay back your little/s for all the grief they’ve given you.  It is a great way to create more fun memories for your kid(s).  The only caveat is that you need to be prepared for a little revenge.  The good news is you can set boundaries AND it is only 1 day a year.  Have fun with it and remember you can keep it as mild or as wild as you’d like. 


  1. HAVE A GRAPE DAY – This year April Fools’ is only 2 days before Easter, so it’s perfect timing for this next prank.  Using the small chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in foil, carefully unwrap the chocolates so that the foil is still intact.  You won’t need the chocolate so save, toss, or eat it.  Then take a grape and carefully wrap it in the foil from the chocolate.
  2. DONUT EVEN ASK – Bring home a box of donuts.  However, prior to offering them up, remove the donuts and replace them with vegetables.  Then present the box to your little one(s) and give them a far healthier surprise when they open it.
  3. MAYO DAY GET BETTER THAN THIS – This next donut trick will repulse your kiddo(s) even more than the veggies in the box.  In this prank you will fill the donut with mayonnaise instead of cream.  The plastic syringe the pharmacy gives with children’s medicine is the perfect tool to insert the mayo.  
  4. “ORANGE” JUICE – Offer some orange juice to go with the donut, but instead of oranges, mix water with the yellow powdered cheese from a macaroni box.  Technically it is still “orange” juice.
  5. JELL-O IT’S ME – If your little one(s) prefer a different type of juice, offer them something else.  Like a cup of juice that is really just jello in a cup.  You may even want to add a straw.  Then watch their surprise.
  6. SQUEEZE THE DAY – Put cling wrap under the cap of any squeeze bottle.  Unscrew the lid and set it aside.  Next use a small amount of cling wrap over the bottle’s opening.  Then screw the lid back on and be sure that all of the cling wrap is hidden, having any hanging out will give it away.  Nothing will come out when the bottle is squeezed and confusion will set in.  This prank is great for squeeze bottles from ketchup to shampoo.
  7. POP NOTCH – Use those little white poppers that pop when thrown to give your little one a bathroom surprise.  This prank only works if your little(s) sit on the toilet.  Place a few white poppers under the toilet seat and wait for them to sit.  
  8. HEART A TACK – Tape a balloon behind a door and a thumb tack on the wall or visa versa.  Be sure the thumb tack has the pin point facing outward so that the balloon will pop when the door is pushed open. 
  9. SOAP-PRISE – If you use bar soap, painting clear nail polish over it will confuse your little one(s) when they use it and it doesn’t suds up.   


The fun isn’t over because we are giving you another 11 fun April Fools’ Ideas just because we love you! 

  1. YOU’RE OIL I NEED – Another fun prank is to put oil on a door handle.  This will make it next to impossible to turn the knob.  
  2. SO – Shove socks in the toes of their shoes.  When they attempt to slide their foot into their shoe, it’ll stop short.  They may even think their feet grew overnight.
  3. GANGSTA WRAP – Wrap the remote or game controller in cling wrap.  The trick is to wrap it quite a few times so that it is difficult to unwrap.  Maybe it’ll even keep them busy for a bit.
  4. WHAT THE CUP – Place a paper cup upside down on the counter with a note that reads something along the lines of, “Giant spider inside. Do NOT lift.”  Then make a hole in the cup, so it appears the spider has chewed through it and escaped.  
  5. BUGGING OUT – Put a fake bug in their lunch and if you want to take it just a bit further, have it stick partially out of their sandwich.
  6. FLIP IT AND REVERSE IT – Flip everything upside down.  You can go as crazy as you would like, or keep it super simple.  Put chairs on tables, turn pictures and art upside down, place toothbrushes in the refrigerator, etc.
  7. BEST DRESSER – Switch their drawers so they are surprised when their shirts are in the sock drawer.
  8. WHAT’S SHAKIN’ – Swap out salt with sugar or visa versa.  
  9. MUG-NIFICANT – All you need for this one is water, a mug, and whipped cream.  First, partially fill a mug with water.  Then using a paper coaster, flip the mug over, so the bottom of the mug is facing up.  Add whipped cream to the bottom (now top) of the mug to hide it.  When they lift the mug, the water will spill out all over them.  This prank takes minimal clean-up depending on how much water you put in the mug.  


    10. REEL FUNNY – Attach a fishing line to a dollar and have fun watching your little/s try to pick it up.  Just when they are about to grab it, yank on the fishing line a bit.  When they try to grab the dollar, yank on it again.  Do this as many times as you’d like or as many times they can handle it before frustration sets in.

  11. COMMON CENTS – The final idea is an oldie but goodie.  Super glue coins to the sidewalk, patio, or driveway.  Watch as they try to pry the money from the cement.  Once they have conceded, you can watch together as neighbors attempt to pick it up if it is glued to the sidewalk.