Tooth Fairy Experience Reimagined

Our box will keep your child believing in the Tooth Fairy for years to come!

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What’s Inside The Box?

The ultimate Tooth Fairy experience at your fingertips. Premade notes, the Tooth Fairy’s wand, the Tooth Fairy’s Bucket and more. This is reusable for all your child’s baby teeth!

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Your Secret Weapon…

Moms and Kids agree!

We guarantee the box will last longer than your child will believe in the Tooth Fairy!

Special door hanger to alert the house of the tooth fairy’s visit with a commemorative log to record details and dates of each lost tooth.

Two custom muslin bags included.  One for your little one to put their tooth in and the other for the tooth fairy to place her note and money in.  This makes for a quick and easy switch.
Sweet wooden door, a paint set and glitter glue for your little one to personalize and hang for each of the tooth fairy’s grand entrances.
Handmade glass bead wand for the tooth fairy to “accidentally” leave behind and 14 tiny tooth fairy notes to fit each occasion.

Real wooden bucket for a magical token the tooth fairy drops on her way out.

Framed custom chalkboard and white chalk pen for both capturing the moment and sharing with loved ones.

What Parents Are Saying

Best Tooth Fairy Box ever! My daughter was absolutely amazed with the whole experience! It made it so easy and awesome for me!

Adelie’s Mom

Dylan's Mom

Being a parent who travels a lot the pre-printed notes and items to leave are a lifesaver. This is genius! Thank you!

Dylan’s Dad

Sarah's Dad

The Tooth Fairy Box created a lifelong memory for us both! Don’t lose teeth without it!

David’s Mom

Alex's Mom